Vertigo Combat Vertical 300 2019

Type, capacity, attributes Highlights
Engine type 2 stroke engine, 300 CC, EFI last generation of ECU engine control and management
Power 31 HP / 9200 rpm torque and power are controlled by the ECU, depending on the driver engine map selection and gear engaged.
Torque 4,9 Kg.m / 4500 rpm
Gearbox 6 speed gear, 4 gear trials developed, each one ECU controlled max. speed 115 km / h
Clutch oil weet multidisc 134 mm diameter diaphragm
Radiator V special design, adapted to frame shape maximum air intake capacity, high warm dissipation
ECU ENGINE CONTROL UNIT Vertigo design, controlling: gear position, engine temp, humidity, pressure, gas pump, water pump, radiator function, electr timming 24 different maps capacity, 4 gear maps for pilot
ENGINE CONTROL SENSORS integrated injection driver
integrated starter driver
barrel gear sensor, can control each gear engaged the engine maps are adjusted for every gear
protocal can 2.0 B
crankshaft position sensor this allows the ECU to adjust very accurately the timing for injection and ignition
PWM pump water control electrical water pump and fun control allows the ECU to control the water temperature, regardless the pilot does and engine rpm
engine fun control sensor
BATTERY LiFePo4 de 2.1 Ah i 13,2 V necessary to ensure that all the system gets the electrical power needed in every moment
POWERBOX ECU Vertigo design control all the electrical power, save all the components from short circuit
FRAME 15CDV6 steel + aluminum 6082 high flexibility from steel multitubular combined by rigidity at some required areas from aluminum frame
SWING ARM cast aluminum pivoting points arm, 2 pivot swivel points swing arm less weight, improving swing movement, easiest maintenance
FRONT SUSPENSION Tech Alu gold long travel suspension, high performance adjustable shock absorber
REAR SUSPENSION monoshock / swing arm, Vertigo special swing arm combined with multiregulation REIGER monoshock long travel suspension, high performance adjustable shock absorber
FRONT MUGUARDS double injection, PPR / TPR combined components soft areas were required to improve mudguard function
REAR MUDGUARD double injection, PPR / TPR combined components soft areas were required to improve mudguard function
AIRBOX high capacity upper airbox, 1,1l capacity, airbox on top fresh and cleaner intake air, upper position to improve waterproof condition
GAS TANK HIGH CAPACITY LOW CG, 2,7l capacity, low and centered Gravity Center position perfect balance of weight, less or more weight does not affect balance on general weight, constant bike performance
GAS CAP COVER PPR Clip Cover, PPR Cover over gas tank cap bayonet type clean and safe area from dirty and water, easy to refill
EXHAUST MUFFLER 2 exit exhaust, symmetric and centered silencer very low weight and power / torque response
RIM Morad mechanized
REAR AXLE Paralleled excentric


  • Hinta: 8.250,-
  • Moottori: 2-T 300cc EFI
  • Kuutiotilavuus: 300cc
  • Jäähdytys: Nestejäähdytteinen
  • Vaihteisto: 6-vaihteinen
  • Käynnistys: Poljin
  • Kytkin: Märkä monilevyinen. Hydraulikäyttöinen.
  • Öljy: Synteettinen NILS 75W
  • Runko: Teräs 25CD4S/alumiini
  • Etujousitus: Tech 39 mm. Joustovara 177 mm. Säädettävä
  • Takajousitus: Reiger. Joustovara 165 mm. Säädettävä
  • Etujarrulevy: Braking 182 mm
  • Etujarru: AJP 4-mäntäinen
  • Etuvanne: Morad 1,60
  • Takajarrulevy: Braking 150 mm
  • Takajarru: AJP 2-mäntäinen
  • Takavanne: Morad 2,15
  • Renkaat: Michelin 2.75-21 edessä ja Michelin 4.00-18 takana
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  • Akseliväli: [{"name":null,"value":"","target":null}]
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  • Tyhja: [{"name":null,"value":"0","target":null}]